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Posted by Southern Man on May 10, 2002 at 10:52

Re: Global Warming (DA Morgan)

>The point is not "that we know" but rather "that we don't know."

From reading all your pro-global warming posts I never would have guessed. The consensus of climatologists was that we were heading for global cooling and then it changed to global warming. About the only thing that is sure is that there will be change no matter what we do. So what makes the current global warming consensus so convincing that you can so easily dismiss any dissent? You seem to want to have it both ways. You want to claim tolerance of all positions while dismissing anyone who questions the current global warming hysteria. What has so convinced you of global warming that you can say on one hand that we donít know and then the next moment say that anyone who says global warming isnít our fate is ignorant? What has so convinced you that it is occurring and that if we donít stop adding CO2 that the islands will disappear and crops will fail and we will see disaster?

>We should act conservatively until we know.

Agreed. So why spend trillions to solve a problem that:
1. May not be a problem,
2. May not be solvable, and
3. May be solved in a far less expensive way?

Wouldnít the conservative course be to determine what the magnitude of the problem is before demanding a specific solution? If you really believe that we donít know, then if we are in the process of global cooling as was once predicted, couldnít reducing CO2 be far more dangerous? Humans can survive far easier on the equator than above the arctic circle. If we really donít know, why take the chance that Kyoto will result in another little ice age with the associated starvation that will result from crop loss? If we really donít know then why insist on a lower standard of living now only to have the potential of even worse environmental conditions in the future than if we had done nothing or even increased CO2 production? If we really donít know, why are we so sure of the solution? I agree that we should act conservatively until we know. I have a hunch from your other postings that even though you said it, you donít really believe that.

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