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Andy™ on May 09, 2002 at 20:18

Re: Sons cut short their mothers' lives (DA Morgan)

Someone show me the last article written by anyone in the scientific comunity to espouse the GOOD things about male humans? What's the YEAR on that article, if you can find one?

I can understand (and completely, wholeheartedly agree) that RAISING boys can run a mother to her grave. I know that for a fact, after what my brother and I, in our antics... and in some of our current antics, can drive our mother batty.

However, I sincerely doubt that a few weeks is enough of a period of time for a truly scientific study to show a difference. Come on. 34 weeks?? 23 weeks?? Hardly a significant enough period of time to make a judgement on a whole. This is popular science, pure.

Oh well. My mom hoped for two boys and she got two boys, for better or worse. I doubt all that log splitting, bank building, rock stacking and tree dropping would've gotten done if she'd had girls, and knowing my mom, she'd trade 30 some weeks of her life for a presentable yard and flower bed.

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