Re: Global Warming Doesn't Exist

Posted by chili on May 09, 2002 at 16:33

Re: Global Warming Doesn't Exist (DA Morgan)

The ice age ended long before man's pollution came along. Why did this happen? My guess is that it's one of Earth's natural cycles. But we don't really know.

Many of you point to this web site, that study, or these statistics and say, "see...this is why the Earth is warming up." As if you know this is fact. The very real possibility that we are in one of Earth's warming cycles is not even considered. I am continually amazed by the number of people, who are probably smarter than me, who conveniently leave out obvious explanations because they have to be right. This is just ego.

It should be clear that no one really knows what's causing it. Yet there are millions of experts who insist they know. I think that man's pollution isn't helping anything, but to say that it is the cause of global warming is just a guess. I am equally confused by other people who point to a study and say, "see...pollution isn't hurting anything." They don't really know either.

If a person was genuinely interested in truth, knowledge, and learning they would quit pretending like they are all knowing just because they can gather evidence. You don't have all the evidence because you can't get it. The Earth is billions of years old...we only have about 1000 years of evidence. That's a finger snap in geologic time. You don't have to be right...because you might not be.

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