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Posted by Ben on Jan 13, 2002 at 22:38

Re: Laws & Theories II (Chevalier) it wrong to asume that there is no such thing as (smallest)or(biggest)particle or object

No, but it is wrong to deduce such from the fact that real numbers are by definition infititely divisible. The universe is not a real number, and therefore any rules defined for real numbers don't automatically apply to the universe.

The universe I and my friends debate, is infinite.Is it common acceptance that there is an edge, boundry that the universe is expanding to from the original big bang theory?When one says,the universe is expaanding, then they mean there is an edge, boundry expanding. Yet the universe is supposed to be infinite. What about outside the universe boundry?

The universe is finite and unbounded. Finite in that it is only so large, but unbounded in that from any point in it, you are still 'in' it. You can't escape to 'outside' the universe because of this even though it's limited. This has to do with the geometric shape of the universe in general relativity (i.e. has to do with the speed of light being the maximum speed, and space time being non-linear). If you understand what this means, it makes a lot of sense, and explains why there is no 'outside'.

Could it be possible that energy and matter being sucked up by black holes, have a counter part that spews out energy and matter in the middle of a typical galaxy that has star nurseries(for sake of arguement, lets call this a white hole)?

Could be, but it also could be that it doesn't. Or it could be that it does something completely unexpected. With absolutely no information one way or another, it's pointless to speculate.

Perheps in certain parts of the universe, distortion of the laws of physics, can blind us to other unknown demensions or twisted laws.

But wait.. here's a though.. perhaps 'not'. Betcha didn't think of that one.

Again, there is no reason to believe that there are distortions of the laws of physics, etc. without finding something that seems to indicate such has occured somewhere. Might as well posit that there is a giant easter bunny hiding behind every star. Or that jellybeans are deep inside of black holes. We can make up whatever we want in the abscence of information to the contrary, but what good does it do us.

Perhaps there are infinite multiple universes with some that crush time and matter to various degrees or laws.

Ahh.. I am beginning to see that maybe you're not crazy, just overwhelmed with a host of interesting speculative ideas.

Yes, any of these things - could - be true, and perhaps a few of them might someday show some evidence of actually being true. In the mean time, they are speculation, but fun speculation. :-)

Personally, my favorite extrapolation was from the book Fire Upon the Deep, where Vernor Vinge postulated that the gravity well of the galaxy changes the fundamental constants and laws of physics from the center outwards. Unfortunately the silly humans figure that the more permissive physical laws are towards the center coreward(wrong), and find themselves stranded when their technology stops working.

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