noah: just follow the original plan, dude...

Posted by anyman on May 08, 2002 at 20:18

Re: Noah: Make That Ark Bigger (DA Morgan)

...and everything is gonna be alright

point 1
don't need the full grown adult version...a much smaller juvenile pair with sexual reproductive potential is plenty adequate

point 2
if these were interfertile with any other species or genus (as is many times the case, once again showing that there is no working definition of species), then there would be no need for additional room at all...more on space below :-)

just need the original baramin that had the potential for this sub-variety of creature

not only did noah not need more space, but he was probably able to fit all of the required creatures in less than HALF the space alloted...leaving pleanty of room for food, fodder, and a reasonably comfortable suite area for the his own human family :-)

but you welcome to try again...c'mon :-)

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