Re: Need recommendations for pain

Posted by Amaranth Rose on May 08, 2002 at 17:02

Re: Need recommendations for pain (Mike Kremer)

Oh, Andy! Didn't someone tell you not to chomp down on fossil ribs?

Sorry to hear you're hurting.

Oil of wintergreen, applied with a swab, may help; be prepared for the initial reaction, though. You can get it in most stores that sell candy supplies.

A hot washcloth wrapped in a zip-loc baggie and applied to the outside alternately with ice, half an hour at a time, may help.

You could try applying a firm, mild pressure to the center of your upper lip just below the nasal septum for several seconds. I know; but just suspend your disbelief and try it.

And do what Dan said; call and complain about how much pain you're in. Most dentists are pretty decent about treating their patients. And they might get you in sooner if they are aware of how much pain you're in.

Hope you feel better!

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