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Re: Laws & Theories II (Chevalier)

It's typically accepted that the universe is spherical and "inflating", but yes, bounded. I was told to think of it as a balloon with dots. We're on the surface, and as the balloon inflates, everything moves away from everything else.

I'd say it'd be infinitely difficult to find a "smallest" particle, but it could happen. Numbers are abstract and can go on forever, but physical things are more steady.

It's still debated whether or not white holes exist. Some think Gamma-Ray bursts could be white holes, a white hole is, theoretically, the 'time reversed' version of the black hole where all possible geodesics are for particles that only EMERGE from the singularity and exit the white hole's event horizon into the outside universe. We would see an object emitting matter rather than serving as a sink for matter trying to fall in. Very bizarre, and probably non-physical.

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