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Hi again:) I am very grateful for some of the insights from the anwsers to my first posting of "Laws & Theories". I would like to ask some people here what they think of the below statement. My friends and I are debating these things.We know numbers on numeraical scale on the plus or minus can go infinite either way. Suppose between the number 0 and go half way...0.5, then you keep going half way between 0.5 and 1.Then you keep going half way. One would never reach 1 and keep going half way infinetly.Seems scientists in the world keep striving to find the smallest particles posible.Knowing a numercal scale is it wrong to asume that there is no such thing as (smallest)or(biggest)particle or object, meaning no end. Assuming one would always find smaller and smaller, it would be infinite how smaller or bigger one would find.The universe I and my friends debate, is infinite.Is it common acceptance that there is an edge, boundry that the universe is expanding to from the original big bang theory?When one says,the universe is expaanding, then they mean there is an edge, boundry expanding. Yet the universe is supposed to be infinite. What about outside the universe boundry? Is that infinite?Could it be possible that energy and matter being sucked up by black holes, have a counter part that spews out energy and matter in the middle of a typical galaxy that has star nurseries(for sake of arguement, lets call this a white hole)?Black holes seem to have infinite thirst to suck up everything...infinite, as i assume its counterpart that spews out energy and matter is infinite. This black hole, white hole,reminds me of (0 halfway to 1)theory.Perheps in certain parts of the universe, distortion of the laws of physics, can blind us to other unknown demensions or twisted laws.Perhaps there are infinite multiple universes with some that crush time and matter to various degrees or laws.This discussion by my friends on infinite measuring scales and rules,is really kewl. Again i want to thank you all who took time to anwser some of this. mike:)

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