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Amaranth Rose on May 07, 2002 at 23:29

Re: Global Warming: home fires (Bill Gill)

"My big problem is that it makes such a mess, and I am too lazy to clean up after myself. "

Well, this may be a first, a man who confesses to laziness. Why not just buy a large dog and let it clean up for you? Oh, and you do realize that the ladle is not to be used for a bat? Alternatively, automatic dishwashers are now available on the market. They're pretty good.

"So I eat out a lot and buy things I can stick in the microwave."

Sounds good for me. If one makes careful and intelligent choices, it can be healthy. Expensive though. You must be an engineer.

"Of course I can always blame it on my mother"

Uh-huh! I thought so. Misogynistic er, person! :-) Time to leave Stereotype Land and enter The Real World. I wanted to be a fire-fighter, but the Evil Stereotype Thought Police wouldn't let me. They tortured me by reading cookbooks and homemakers tips aloud while I was trying to sleep and making me cook, sweep, mop, wash dishes and do laundry fourteen hours a day until I broke from the strain. It was positively Orwellian! The cruelest thing they did was to make me eat what I had cooked; that's what finally broke me in the end! You have no idea what goes on at the Ministry of Stereotype Protection, in those windowless rooms where the sun never shines and the air never moves. They do things to people there....

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