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Posted by George on May 07, 2002 at 19:30

Re: The most recent SATELLITE temperature network !!! (Mike Kremer)

Glaciers have been melting for hundreds of years and do not prove global warming. For example, in John Muir's 1879 essay "The Discovery of Glacier Bay", he says:
"Glacier Bay is undoubtedly young as yet. Vancouver's chart, made only a century ago, shows no trace of it, though found admirably faithful in general. It seems probable, therefore, that even then the entire bay was occupied by a glacier of which all those described above, great through they are, were only tributaries. Nearly as great a change has taken place in Sum Dum Bay since Vancouver's visit, the main trunk glacier there having receded from eighteen to 25 miles from the line marked on his chart. Charley, who was here when a boy, said that the place had so changed that he hardly recognized it, so many new islands had been born in the meantime and so much ice had vanished. As we have seen, this Icy Bay is being still farther extended by the recession of the glaciers. That this whole system of fiords and channels was added to the domain of the sea by glacial action is to my mind certain."

There is no evidence that I have seen that show glaciers are melting any faster no than have in previous centuries.

The sea surface temperatures are not good as discussed here. They overestimate global warming.

65% of the predicted warming should have already have occurred according to the models. The warming of the last century is so small that people are having a hard time measuring it.

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