Re: The most recent SATELLITE temperature network !!!

Posted by Mike Kremer on May 07, 2002 at 17:53

Re: The most recent SATELLITE temperature network !!! (George)

Ok thanks George, I do take your word for your reply as above.
I get the impression that you know a good deal
more with regard to Global warming than you are willing to admit. Certainly more than I, since I am an absolute layman in this field.
My interest stemming from the fact that so many
reputable individuals, on the sidelines so to speak, either catagorically denied the existence
of G warming, or stated that it was part of the natural cycle of things.
While I realise that anyone actually connected, ie. /working for Metralogical/Weather/Station
offices would be putting their integrity on the line, since the undisputed proof of G warming is either lacking, or so miniscule in effect that the safer thing for them to do, is wait another dozen years or so.
As a child I can well remember the white wooden boxes placed around the UK countryside, complete with (a primitive?) rainguage bottle, and wet and dry bulb thermometer, whence temp readings were taken visually daily.
Its no wonder that I personally, put no trust in such readings taken more than a dozen years ago, especially when (it seems to me) that the readings we really require should be calibrated in the range of 0.001 of a Degree.
Even readings taken in the upper atmosphere, must change from hour to hour let alone the primitive ground readings.
I place more faith in the fixed buoyed sea temp readings, notwithstanding that Glacier melting must also make even these readings more uncertain.
Which is why for my money, the Satellite pics of retreating glaciers, and increase in CO2, is all the proof, that I as a layman require.
Incidentally I get the gut feeling that the greatest amount of G warming may have already occured? Prehaps the period between 1930's-1980's ? But our temperature measurments were not scientific enough, to verify the trend?

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