Re: the shoddy surface temperature network

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DA Morgan on May 07, 2002 at 12:12

Re: the shoddy surface temperature network (George)

You wrote:
"All the government organizations have a vested interested in maintaining funding and increasing funding."

My response:
Darned right they do. So does everyone else from the President of the United States to the Pope to Archbishop Desmond Tutu. So shall we dismiss them all?

The truth is that these people are government employees and tenured university professors. And they are going to get paid for the rest of their lives even if they do absolutely nothing but breathe air.

So lets not have nonsense saying that NASA, NOAA, EPA, and DOE researchers, and Stanford University professors are going to lose their jobs if they say global warming doesn't exist. That just isn't true. They would, in fact, probably get paid more money in research grants to just make it all go away.

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