Re: the shoddy surface temperature network

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DA Morgan on May 06, 2002 at 18:04

Re: the shoddy surface temperature network (George)

That was no ad hominem attack. When I wish to attack I do it with all the subltety of a mako shark.

Each of the papers you reference forms a piece of the puzzle. Where's the integration? You could just as easily have posted references to papers about the Ross Ice Shelf that pointed the other way but you didn't because you consider this a political argument where you are trying to make points by only showing data that supports your position. This is science: Not law. There is no jury that will vote in your favor. 20:20 hindsight will either support you or condemn you. And it will do so coldly and without emotion.

I started a new thread at the top with some references from organizations that attempt to draw conclusions based on integration. Are they wrong?

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