All things considered, Bhavik...

Posted by Sparrow on May 05, 2002 at 17:02

Re: Aging Theory of mine... (Bhavik)

...I'd say, "Plan on dying." [The details of it all, actually, are moot.]

All one needs to do is to equip oneself for the trip. I.e., if this life is all that there is, then get sexed up, fed up, drugged up, and drunk up (etc.) all you can, for tomorrow you die (poetically speaking). If there is a life after this, then we need to equip ourselves for that, but this does not assume that there is more than one reality after this life (if supernatural law is consistent with natural law, multiple possibilities after life is illogical -- Occam's Razor).

So HOW does one equip oneself for the afterlife? As warriors? As Lovers? As church servants? The interpretation of there being any number willing virgins for each guy so we can populate our own planet seems like an idea out of someone's fantasy more than a Godly, holy, worthy reward. Yet, that idea is not proprietary to just one belief system....

I believe that until we die, we need to learn how to live Well: bone marrow, neurons, germinal cells and all.

If I go any further, I'll have to talk about the validity of belief systems, and this crew eschews such CANS posts.....

Back to you!

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