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Posted by Mike Kremer on May 04, 2002 at 18:26

Re: Aging Theory of mine... (Bhavik)

You lucky, theres plenty of people around aged 26,
who thru force of circumstances feel like they are 46 years old.
That said, there are a number of people who are a subject of study...those that do seem to age a little slower than the most of us. I guess its all in the genes and a matter of luck. If you got grandparents or great grandparents that lived to a ripe old age got luck on your side.
There are a number of Companys searching for a method of keeping the body young, by formulating a concoction of Vits and other chemicals. Their idea being (apart that they stand to make a small fortune) that by mopping up the free radicals in your body, your cells have a greater chance of reproducing without any errors.
So far no one has found the "Holy anti-aging Grail"...but free radical mop ups are supposed to be:- Vits C & E and the Amino acid Cystine.
Vits A & B6 help, together with Co-enzyme Q10, plus a little Zinc and Selenium.
Another anti-aging drug is Acetyl-L-Carnitine, which boosts the mental alertness of 60 year olds back up to a 35 year old....which together with Alpha-Lipoic Acid can supposedly roll back your age by half.
Dont forget your Fish oil, and the Vit E you take is great for varicous veins and keeping your body supple.
I made a study of anti-aging drugs and vits some years ago, but came to the conclusion that any effect would take far too many years to notice! Hehehe.
But I did suggest to some medical students my idea that it might be beneficial to take two tablespoons of Sea water every day.....on the basis that seawater contains minute quantitys of every mineral and metal there is.

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