A cold dunk in reality

Posted by Dale on May 04, 2002 at 10:20

Re: A picture's worth a thousand words - or - who do you love (DA Morgan)

What fascinates me is that just about all researchers, you know those people with PhD behind their name and academic standing and the people that publish papers in peer reviewed journals ... agree as to what is happening.

Well, letís just see what one of those PhDís with the funny hats had to say to the Senate about your assertion. http://www.senate.gov/~epw/lin_0502.htm US Senate. PhD. Professor at UC, Harvard, MIT. http://www-eaps.mit.edu/faculty/lindzen.htm Saying global warming is a scam. Will wonders never cease? Looks like you havenít been keeping up with the literature, Danny. CNN (which you once claimed was peer reviewed) might think the view is unanimous but people with *REAL* degrees don't.

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