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Re: Verrrrrrry Interesting (Sparrow)

You know how when you open a post the subject line is followed not by the name of the poster, but by the name of the person to whom you are responding, with the name of the poster actually being above the subject line in non-accentuated text? Well, I've never gotten use to that and therefore attributed this entire post to Dan. I was half a microsecond from swallowing past pride and having to award him very high praise and accolades for bringing this jewel, as well as the initial comments that preceded the copied paper. Then I caught my error.

So, as it played out, for whatever Bobba praise and accolades are worth, they go entirely to you Sparrow…and to the good doctor as well. Regardless of whether the doctor’s theory concerning ADD proves to be right, wrong or even somewhat close, it is still a very thoughtful piece.

Speaking of anecdotal testimony, I have some. My middle son was one step away from being “officially” diagnosed with ADHD. We had entered the dragon that is the medical protocols involved with this “disorder” and, thank god, escaped before it was too, too late. I won’t go into the details of how we solved his “problems” here except to say that they were all quite solvable in our particular case, without mind-altering drugs, punishment, pain or pressure. He is in sixth grade and has for three years consistently made either the honor roll or principles list.

As to Dan -- well, I actually did like your original post to which sparrow replied. I was skeptical of some of their conclusions but the basic science part seemed sound enough. I really haven’t the background to be more critical – for I would if I could just because you posted it :-). All in all it was a pretty good post.

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