Re: the shoddy surface temperature network

Posted by George on May 03, 2002 at 16:45

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The balloons agree with the satellite data and confirm them. Both show a trend in temperature much smaller than the climate models predict.

What is not so well known is that these very same balloons measure the temperature in the lower troposphere (1000 to 850 mb) right next to the surface and the global mean of these measurements show a very small warming trend much like what the satellites and balloons get higher up. These balloon measurements therefore fail to confirm the surface observations implying the surface observations are wrong.

Reasons for the surface record being wrong include: 1) incomplete areal coverage of the earth, 2) poor quality control of the surface measurements such as the numerous gaps in their records, 3) the urban heat island effects, and 4) land use changes, to just give a few reasons why the surface record is very suspect.

The near surface balloon records and the satellite records indicate the global warming is wrong.

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