Here's your name in lights, Little Danny

Posted by Dale on May 03, 2002 at 11:48

Re: the book AND darwin? (DA Morgan)

I never said the book said the universe was 6000 years old.

No, what you said was that I was wrong (implying that I was an idiot in your ususal gracious manner) when *I* said that the Bible didn't explicitly say that the universe was 6,000 years old. *YOU* said *I* was wrong to say that it wasn't explicitly stated. *I* said that if I was wrong and that it was explicitly stated then you should be able to show me the specific chapter and verse where it was explicitly stated.

Well actually I never even read his posts any more when they follow mine, include my name in the title, or resort to childish insults.

You seldom read anyone's postings as evidenced by your continual misunderstandings of what *EVERYONE* posts. Ever see the "More evidence Little Danny can't read" postings?

I only read his posts and respond when I am not in the title and when I can actually read from the first character to the final period without having him try to make the discussion personal.

Do you have any evidence to support your claim that you have read even one post all the way through before running off with your imagination and inventing what might have been said?

And why is it a good science when *YOU* claim I am ignorant to not know that the Bible specifically says the universe is 6,000 years old and it is a personal attack when I ask you for the chapter and verse where you found this revelation?

So, back to the subject at hand. You said I was wrong to say that the Bible doesn't explicitly state the universe is 6,000 years old. Are you now saying that I was right and you were wrong or are you going to evade the subject once more. Which is it, Danny? We can't both be right. It's you or me, Danny. Take a big deep breath and flip a coin, Danny. Do you want to stick with your irrational unsupportable assertion or do you want to slink away into the background again or have I given you enough time for your little brain to come up with some new insults? Which is it, Danny? Who’s right? Does the Bible explicitly state the universe is 6,000 years old as you claimed or was I right in the first place to say that it doesn’t?

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