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Bhavik on May 03, 2002 at 05:42

I just wanted to know what you think of this....I wish scientists/biochecmist/etc would look at this theory..

If blood is produced in the bone marrow, then they should compare blood produced in bone marrow from when we are younger to when we are older..

I have this feeling that it's going to be different..This is where the theory of abnormal cell diving comes to play, I feel...I mean if the blood coming from the bone marrow
is different as we get older then something in the bone marrow as we age is changing and so it's producing blood with different or manipulated genes etc...which go hand in hand with the genes/proteins/etccc theory..So possibly there's something to do with the bone marrow......I mean think about this,,,,,,,if people have cancer of the blood and they need bone marrow transplant to help them, and if something in the bone marrow is wrong and causes this to happen to a person, then possibly other problems or changes in the bone marrow cause the aging process and other ailments which may not be cancer but just the normal age related problems, you know when you oil a car and the oil gets old because the propreties of the oil break down, you then need fresh new oil with the properties to flow correctly and protect the metal, well if the bloods fresh and new when we are young, we have color on us, we look fresh and youthful, but if the properties break down some where in the marrow and the blood isn't being filtered or produced properly, overtime we have the older or shall i say broken down properties blood mix with the new blood and this i think causes us to age/ free radicals then are produced, causing more havoc, etc, and we see the effects of aging overtime, because we are being starved of the proper blood our bodies need to retain fresh youthful appearance, also the mixing of the blood being produced from the bone marrow and the older broken down properties blood causing confusion and some dna or parts of blood bind and start diving wrong etc....etc..I'm sure you get the gist, so what can I do with my thoery and what do you make of all this ?


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