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Posted by bobbapink on May 02, 2002 at 12:46

Re: A picture's worth a thousand words - or - who do you love (DA Morgan)

The three items in the graph measure different things. Neither is necessarily right or wrong.

They are all expressions of the same thing - temperature. Since the two expressions differ, which expression best represents the actual temperature? That is the question. Clearly the MSU dataset is more objective - but is it more accurate. Logic would dictate that it is and so would the balloon evidence.

But science does not proceed to a reasonable conclusion by asking which is better ... salmon or steak.

That's apples and oranges. The analogy is useless unless you Quantify and qualify it with units. But then, you knew that - didn't you?

What fascinates me is that just about all researchers, you know those people with PhD behind their name and academic standing and the people that publish papers in peer reviewed journals ... agree as to what is happening.

Argument from authority/strawman. What those you subjectively trust agree upon does not change the data from which they purport to draw their conclusions. If their dataset is skewed, so must be their opinions.

Not necessarily on the cause but definitely on the event.

It seems the MSU data makes this a non-event.

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