Re: SAT results (CARBOS)

Posted by Natalie L. Smith on May 02, 2002 at 12:09

Re: SAT results (CARBOS) (Sparrow)

I could believe that these questions came from the SAT-9, maybe, but not from the ETS's SAT college entrance exam. So, let's assume that they meant the SAT-9, which is a standardized test taken by all students in elementary, middle school and high school. Next, bear in mind that many of the students (particularly the "rebellious" ones - - no small number!) have no real vested interest in doing well on this test. Sometimes the school offers perks like parties for the class with the highest score, etc., but basically, the school administration cares more for how well the students do than do many of the students themselves. So, you can expect at least a few students to take the test ... shall we say... less than seriously. That being said, I wouldn't put too much weight on these answers as being a reflection on the knowledge of the students. In fact, many of them are more an indicator of a rebellious student trying hard to entertain him/herself. If you go back and reread them with this in mind, it kind of sheds a different light on things.

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