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DA Morgan on May 02, 2002 at 12:03

Re: A picture's worth a thousand words - or - who do you love (bobbapink)

The three items in the graph measure different things. Neither is necessarily right or wrong.

But science does not proceed to a reasonable conclusion by asking which is better ... salmon or steak.

What fascinates me is that just about all researchers, you know those people with PhD behind their name and academic standing and the people that publish papers in peer reviewed journals ... agree as to what is happening. Not necessarily on the cause but definitely on the event.

Only parts of corporate America, and its toady supporters, seem willing to argue a point on which they have absolutely no expertise. But then again they are the same people that when I was young argued that putting seat belts in cars would cost money and drive the auto manufacturers into bankruptcy. In addition to being wrong. And in addition to having short memories so that they never recall their previous bad predictions. They are totally self-serving.

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