Re: The police state

Posted by Dogrock on May 01, 2002 at 19:32

Re: The police state (Social insects)

If Hurst, mentioned in last paragraph, decided to go on a street protest because lack of funding for his reserch, would he supply the authorities with copies of how to deal with his protest or would he just ask for the money. I can't see how people can research other people's activity as if they were not part of the human race. Would this research be more helpful to people trying to maintain society as it is, or to those trying to change it. Or are the researchers above this. Maybe you suggest it would make us all understand each other better, and dictators would gracefully surrender having read the research notes. Sorry for the cynicism, but if the research was done without such references as "worker policing" and instead talked about a better understand of humanity I'd feel safer. I think the research is great, but the people doing should not see it as a way of controling people, but liberating them from the need of such control.

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