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DA Morgan on May 01, 2002 at 16:00

Re: Al Qeda propaganda (Richard Linney)

Find the airplane in the pictures from Pennsylvania.

Find the airplane in the pictures of the crash into the Everglades a few years back.

What a bunch of nonsense.

As a point of debate lets assume the Pentagon faked it. So lets see what conclusions we can reach.

1. The Pentagon murdered more than 100 of its own people at a point in time that coincided with an attack they didn't know about.

2. A Boeing 757 disappeared along with all of its passengers but didn't crash anywhere (perhaps it flew into the Bermuda Triangle?)

3. Saudi's who purchased one-way tickets on the airplane with cash, and were friends of those that crashed planes into the WTC, just happened to accidentally be on the airplane and were minding their own business.

4. The Pentagon, The Whitehouse, the Congress, the DC police and fire departments don't leak like a seive. And every member of the news media that covered the story is a co-conspirator in the death of 118 Americans.

Personally I find the last item the most convincing that you are suffering from paranoid delusions and need to seek treatment.

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