Re: The Most Shocking News Of The Year

Posted by An Onney Mouse on Apr 30, 2002 at 21:01

Re: The Most Shocking News Of The Year (I. S.)

ESP, Telepathy, I have my own opinion on those which I won't inflict on others. I only will say that Radio, X-rays, ultraviolet Light, Infrared, and other "invisible" forms of electromagnetic radiation are quite mystical and incomprehensible, even magical-seeming, to people who have no means of detecting them, and yet are commonplace and accepted by those who have seen them demonstrated.

But as for antibiotics killing viruses, there are now available by prescription substances that act against viruses and inpede viral infections. I have heard knowledgeable people, doctors and pharmacists, refer to these substances as "antibiotics". If they can call them antibiotics, why can't I? And they definitely ameliorate viral infections. Perhaps the question is a semantic one. If you're going to ask questions on a survey, you need to be smarter than the people you're surveying, and know what you're talking about.

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