bunch of morons!

Posted by bobbapink on Apr 30, 2002 at 18:45

Re: The Most Shocking News Of The Year (DA Morgan)

from the article...

Seventy-seven percent of those surveyed believe in the theory of global warming, that the planet is being heated by an excess of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Of those surveyed, 86 percent said global warming is a serious or "somewhat serious" problem.

Man, what a bunch of morons.

Alright - baiting aside for a sec.

We deal with a very political system regarding the teaching of just about anything - from Huckleberry Fin and English to Evolution and Geology to History and even Mathematics. But most of that is due, of course, to the very political means by which we fund and mandate education.

So it begs the question: is the system of American public education accomplishing what it seeks to accomplish? Thatís a political question but without understanding the goal, itís impossible to judge the results Ė which, in the opinion of this limited forum are no doubt indisputably poor, but economically, politically, or otherwise, may be a raving success.

P.S. And a very long P.S. at that. In addition to the two-tier system for normal kids and those with disabilities, there really exists a third, unadvertised curriculum/training trek (track?) designed for kids that excel in one or more normal subjects. Iím not exactly certain how or why it is funded but itís kind of like the German System of trade schools turned on its head (for the life of me I canít remember what the program is called locally but maybe Iíll remember by the end of the post). They pick out a tiny percentage of the cream-of-the-crop and bus them daily to one of several schools spread out throughout the city, each specializing in a particular talent Ė Mathematics, English, Science, and (I think) the Arts. These are just ďnormalĒ schools with each having one specialized teacher teaching five classes of 20 students a day.

Anyway, back to the bait Ė Man! What a bunch of morons!

Your turn.

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