Re: The Most Shocking News Of The Year

Posted by I. S. on Apr 30, 2002 at 18:12

Re: The Most Shocking News Of The Year (DA Morgan)

I have mixed feelings about this article. Some of the questions were inappropriate, such as "Humans came from lower forms of animals." Any question people are apt to answer from a religious standpoint of course is going to be more likely to be "wrong" than, say, whether lasers focus sound waves (that was disturbing). As far as aliens, UFO's, ESP, telepathy, etc., I feel that although there's no hard scientific evidence to support their existence, I don't think it's intelligent to rule them out entirely. Yes, I know you'll disagree with me and call me a lunatic, but I believe there have been enough "unexplained" phenomena to hypothesize existence of things beyond the pale of currently accepted science. Now as for the people that think antibiotics kill viruses... well, they have a thing or two to learn.

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