Re: Two possible Cancer Carcinogens

Posted by Mike Kremer on Apr 27, 2002 at 21:11

Re: Two possible Cancer Carcinogens (Southern Man)

Hi, While I tend to agree with you in the main.
I have no idea why acrylamide should be found in
certain fryed foods, nor do I know how it is derived.
I posted because of the general high interest given to anything to do with Cancer.
That said -there are very many people in Europe who are extremely grateful to the American Food and Drug/Goverment/Delaney Clause? Since the vast majority of suspect chemicals that are banned or restricted over there, are often banned in the UK. Given a little more time I am sure i could find and name a half dozen. It probably works the other way around as well. There are some very interesting anomalies. Europe does not report upon the natural radio-activity of certain foods, such as Brazil nuts and certain European (deep mined) natural bottled water. One result of which has made many people aware of same. All soft fruit that has been irradiated has to be marked as such. We are not allowed to irradiate food in the UK as yet, but a small amount comes in from Holland, as do non- sprouting (irradiated)Potatoes.
The point is there will always be people who go for the totally organic non preserved foods.
Witness the big rise in Organic food sales in the UK at least. The same with Soyas and Maize, they have to be clearly labelled if they been grown from Genetically Modified plants. The fact of the labelling, tends to keep these foods on the shelves, making the public more aware.
Its quite possible that some people may be more
sensitive to certain additives than other. The liturature is full of such people that have blamed the chemicals left in meat animals for their problems. I understand that during the last world war, food was very restricted as to the amount of meat and butter one was allowed.
People were allowed to grow their own food, and keep pigs, goats, and chickens in their gardens.
(Illegal today) Apparently the health of the British public was the best it has ever been then
As for MacDonalds they have had their difficultys over here as well. During our BSE cattle outbreak
they took all beefburgers off the menu. Even now all beefburgers have to be cooked very well.
We are also told not to eat raw or soft eggs
especially pregnant women, since there is danger of damage to the unborn child. (I have forgotten the actual symptoms- prehaps Amaranth Rose may know)
But you right Companys/Money/Politicians rule,
people have to eat. The more affluent of us definately eat better, prehaps thats why the more affluent tend to live longer?

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