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Posted by Bubba on Apr 27, 2002 at 19:20

Re: hmm (anyman)

I have no problem with them. Any other way just doesn't make sense to me any more. Choose God? Who is in control? You or Him? Bible says no man can come to the son except the father draw him. Kinda like the whole creation/evolution debate. I don't believe God leaves salvation up to randomness. Where is His control in that? Nowhere, thats where. Luck of the draw. You better hope you were born into the right family/country/culture.

I've heard so many pastors say, God is in control, and the very next line say something like, "And if you will just let Him come in...." Let? LET? His supposed control just went out the window. He notices when a sparrow falls and He numbered the hair on my head(talk about something pointless). Why would I think he would leave anything up to me....or randomness?

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