Seeing is believing, give me doubting Thomas

Posted by Dogrock on Apr 27, 2002 at 17:42

Re: Two possible Cancer Carcinogens (Southern Man)

When will we stop believing everything we hear on the television about the impending end of the world?
Agree 100% with above. In fact it's not just the topic on cancer but many issues if not all. However even scientists are not immune to have vested interests. I have had the view for years that a solution is for people to return to trusting their own personal experience and only give it up grudgingly. If someone has eaten something for years with no ill effect they should be sceptical if told the food is bad for them, the same goes for everything as far as I'm concerned. If people respond to evidence that they have no direct experience of in their own lives, we could soon become a world of robots. It is pet hate of mine that people do this and quote enthusiastically government or other warning that bear no relevance to their personal experience.

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