OK, let's do the routine again....

Posted by Sparrow on Apr 25, 2002 at 22:32

Re: He was responding... (DA Morgan)

1) Think of an apple.

2) Q. Which came first, the apple or the Thought Process that imagines the apple? A. They both happen simultaneously. Yet the thought is Parent to the Image.

3) Imagine an Apple as big as the Universe. (Don't say it can't be done, it's YOUR imagination, remember.)

4) Does the juice have to permeate your apple from the outside into the center, or from the center to the outside? Or is it present throughout the imaginary apple from the start?

Such is time, light and matter in the real universe. I'm not saying that the universe is literally 6000 years old, but if the universe was Spoken into existence, then everything would be in place from the start, like the juice in the imaginary apple. It would be created intact. The actual age of the universe is not germane to the illustration.

[End of routine.]

Your move.

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