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Amaranth Rose on Apr 24, 2002 at 22:45

Re: Knee-jerk disbelief (bobbapink)

Yes, CFIDS _CAN_ be fatal. It usually isn't. By the same token, pneumonia can be fatal. Lung cancer can be fatal. Even a simple sore throat can be fatal, especially in an individual with a compromised immune system. Driving a car can be fatal. Shooting your mouth off wihout having your brain engaged can be fatal, especially in the wrong country.

In every disease process, the patient's survival and/or recovery depends on the balance between the disease and the germ. Medicines can affect that balance so long as the patient can tolerate them and so long as the germ doesn't evolve to escape their effectiveness. If the patient becomes unable to tolerate the drug, or the germ overcomes it, or the patient acquires a secondary infection that overwhelms their immune system, the balance tips to the negative end of the survival spectrum. The cause of death is the infection and its sequelae. But CFIDS caused the lack of immunity (ID) that made the infection so acute in the first place.

I'll stick my neck out and gather a few rotten eggs and vegetables in the face here. I was very ill recently. It was a harsh wake-up call. At the curent status of medical care available to me, if I'm going to do anything in life I'd better do it quickly. I don't give a rat's tail how you feel about that, if you feel anything at all. It makes no difference to me. You can jeer and mock all you like. It won't change reality for me and others like me, except as it makes appropriate, effective medical care harder to find.

We return you to your regularly scheduled progamming.

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