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DA Morgan on Apr 24, 2002 at 12:55

Re: oh ho ho...say it ain't so :-) (Mike Kremer)

What anyman is proposing is that somehow, upon his death, his feeble little brain that so far is incapable of understanding circular logic or comprehend the difference between science and theory on one hand and theology and faith on the other ... will blossom into something capable of comprehending quantum mechanics, 11 dimensional string theory, and potentially have to suck it in an understand that Darwin was right and that all Darwin did was discover the way the creator created it all.

Of course he comes to this conclusion based on a blind faith in an authorless book that has been mistranslated and misinterpreted more times than there are characters in the text. But that is his right.

However a read of the copies I have of the torah, New Testament, and Khoran do not once indicate any claim that the fact that information is made available to the deceased means that they will actually understand it ... or have any use for it.

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