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Posted by bobbapink on Apr 24, 2002 at 11:20

Re: Regrading CFIDS (Amaranth Rose)

You are still wrong. CFIDS is a disease, not a mental state or condition.

So mental disease isn’t a disease?

It has a cause, it can be treated, at least more successfully than other mental conditions like multiple sclerosis or muscular dystrophy.

Multiple sclerosis and muscular dystrophy are mental diseases!?

Cure, I don't know, because of the nature of the infectious agent and its interaction with the human body. But anything is possible

And what “infectious agent” would that be that you could cite its nature?

I know a great deal about CFIDS from personal experience. I have a very good idea what causes it, at lest in some, quite a few, cases. I am not about to put my personal knowledge or experience on public display in this forum to be raked and savaged.

Good idea.

I know already that nothing I can say will have any effect on your preconceived notions.

Not necessarily so. I came into this discussion with a very vague understanding of why the condition was held in such skeptic contempt. Your immediate scorn pretty much turned that vague understanding into a firm understanding. Right now, I’m putting it into the GWS, SBI, and MCS categories of hysterical, agenda/funding driven non-diseases.

I cannot even to your satisfaction prove that my son and I are separate persons, so why would I even bother trying to converse about a complex point like CFIDS?

I’ve not asked you to prove that you and your purported son are different people. I don’t care if you are one or legion. It has no relevance.

Why DO I keep engaging in conversations with you? I really don't know.

Because you’re a masochist perhaps? Here’s a joke.

Sadist and Masochist get married.

On the honeymoon, Masochist sez: “beat me, whip me, hit me.”

Sadist sez: “No.”

Perhaps I think I'm getting glimpses of illumination from the direction of your cramium. GUesss I am mistaken; it must just be the glare off your hairless pate.

Ya know, SWMBO has suggested that I might be thinning a bit on top. I haven’t noticed it though. Your observation through the internet pretty much confirms her suspicions I guess.

I'll not forget myself again soon, depend on that.

While you may not – the legions probably will.

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