Re: Black Holes Possibly Do Not Exist

Posted by y on Apr 24, 2002 at 10:54

Re: Black Holes Possibly Do Not Exist (DA Morgan)

always thought that that was the case, i always felt that if the pull of a black hole was infinite, then no matter how far away one was, we would be able to measure the pull from here.

Its strange don't you think, that whatever we imagine (ie in sci-fi films. eg star-trek) may be the case, often turns out to be the case. ie no matter what it is that we imagine exists, if we look for it, we always seem to find it.

I think something or someone is having a good laugh somewhere at us humans.

ps, even though i have typed the above, this doesn't mean that it represents my true opinions, i still remain FIRMLY on the fence regarding any discussion whatsoever.

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