Regrading CFIDS

Posted by Amaranth Rose on Apr 23, 2002 at 22:31

Re: According to the horse's mouth... (bobbapink)

You are still wrong. CFIDS is a disease, not a mental state or condition. It has a cause, it can be treated, at least more successfully than other mental conditions like multiple sclerosis or muscular dystrophy. Cure, I don't know, because of the nature of the infectious agent and its interaction with the human body. But anything is possible

I know a great deal about CFIDS from personal experience. I have a very good idea what causes it, at lest in some, quite a few, cases. I am not about to put my personal knowledge or experience on public display in this forum to be raked and savaged. I know already that nothing I can say will have any effect on your preconceived notions. I cannot even to your satisfaction prove that my son and I are separate persons, so why would I even bother trying to converse about a complex point like CFIDS?

Why DO I keep engaging in conversations with you? I really don't know. Perhaps I think I'm getting glimpses of illumination from the direction of your cramium. GUesss I am mistaken; it must just be the glare off your hairless pate. I'll not forget myself again soon, depend on that.

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