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Posted by anyman on Apr 23, 2002 at 18:57

Re: Black Holes Possibly Do Not Exist (DA Morgan)

mike, below, asks if anyone would like to hazard a guess

i'll abstain...the good news is, one day we all gonna know the answer(s)

in the meantime, one thing is sure, as in most of modern astrophysics and cosmology...there is a whole lotta guessin' goin' on

some of it haphazard ...and some of it hazardous ...some of it may even be productive someday :-)

a year ago, we were sure, no doubt, that black holes were a fact...now we're not even sure if black holes really exist...hian't 'at jes sumpin'

at least the new theory allows the astrophysicists etc and their sacred tomes, the "infallible" journals of science, to finally acknowledge, in a public way, that there are yet many problems with black hole cosmology, which is mighty genuine of them :-)

all praise be to the high and holy journals of science...and the theories of men...that change from year to year (and sometimes from week to week :-)

up next...the 11 dimensions of dementia...oops, i mean *reeaaaaaaaaaality* :-)

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