Re: Black Holes Possibly Do Not Exist

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DA Morgan on Apr 23, 2002 at 16:34

Re: Black Holes Possibly Do Not Exist (Mike Kremer)

When you say " the vast distance our Universe occupies" you beg my to suggest to you the following.

It is impossible to tell how big our universe is except on the scale of things we know and can measure from inside it. On a scale where a lightyear was a millimeter it would look exactly the same if you just changed the speed of light to be relative to the difference.

There really is no empirical thing called distance. Distance is a relationship between space and time. Change the rate at which time passes (measured by the speed of light) and the distance changes to keep the relationship constant.

That is relativity.

For someone outside our universe looking in, if such is possible, we could all appear to be the size of a proton.

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