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DA Morgan on Apr 22, 2002 at 13:22

Re: hmm (anyman)

Your answers ... are not.

For example you wrote:
"well...for one, it would be a lot older than ~6000 years"

What I am looking for is not fluff. I am asking, given the finite speed of light in a vacuum, what would be different in terms of spectra and parallax of galaxies if we looked out into space and science's version were correct rather than yours.

You did not provide a single example of what would be different in the universe if your version of creation were replaced by the one determined by the scientific method. Why don't you start with quantum mechanics and relativity. Then work your way up to physics, conservation principles, and chemistry. Then go to the biological sciences. What would be physically, measurably different?

PS: Your understanding of spiral galaxies is humorous. Spiral galaxies do not wind up, wind down, or wind at all. Find yourself a high school science student to ask about this provided that the student got an education at something more open minded than a Christian Madrasa.

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