Re: regarding activity and asthma

Posted by bobbapink on Apr 22, 2002 at 13:07

Re: regarding activity and asthma (Amaranth Rose)

Don't expect too much intelligent response on the topic of allergies and immune disorders. We may have been to the moon and back, but we still have doctors who think that allergies are caused by boredom and hypochondria,...

Which doctors think that?

... and who think that CFIDS/FM/ME are just fraudulent diagnoses to let lazy people collect disability payments and shirk work.

Characterization aside, the reason CFIDS is held in contempt is because of the lack of objective evidence that it even exists except in the mind of the presumably afflicted. At least thatís my understanding of the matter. Either that or itís just another government sponsored Aspartame conspiracy. Anyway, if I stand to be corrected, feel free to objectively do so.

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