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DA Morgan on Apr 21, 2002 at 23:36

Re: Gravity Field?????? or Fields (Dogrock)

How gravity works has been pretty well established since the time of Isaac Newton. I say pretty well because as we all know Albert Einstein revised Newton's work and extended it providing further insights.

But there are some misconceptions in what you just wrote. First the earth does not pull the moon. Not that anything pulls anything but if one wished to look at it in those terms it would be equally valid to say the moon pulls the earth.

What actually happens is that both warp space-time. And that within that warped space-time both travel in straight lines which look to us like what we describe as orbits.

Another misconception is that this has anything to do with massive objects. All objects no matter what their size do exactly the same thing. In fact, the thing doesn't even need to be an object such as a rock or proton. It could be a gravitational field or a photon of light.

Another misconception is that there is such a thing as 'instant reaction'. There is no such thing. Gravity waves travel through space-time at the speed of light in a vacuum. Einstein's work doesn't explain it ... because it just doesn't exist.

This is something that can easily be proven by considering whether the earth's oceans, the tides, are pulled by where the sun and moon are or where the sun and moon were. It is easily proven that the tides react to where the sun was nine minutes before the current instant rather than where the sun is at that instant.

Does this help?

Either way the University of Washington where I teach is currently involved in experiments that hopefully will lead to the creation of a telescope that can record gravitational waves. And about the only thing our current gravity theories can not do is reconcile relativity with quantum mechanics.

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