less than 100 year old (some considerably less) stalagmites and stalagtites

Posted by anyman on Apr 21, 2002 at 22:51

Re: 206,000 year old underwater Stalamite, cut lengthwise shows Sea rises and Falls (Dogrock)

Stalagmites don't lie

you right...they just get misinterpreted :-)

Or if the do, they do it very slowly

would that include the ones in caves, under bridges (man made within the last century), in tunnels (man made within the last century), under foundation stones (man made within the last century) etc etc etc...that have shown measured, OBSERVED, growth of many centimeters, some even greater than five feet within a few short decades :-)

but then again, slowly is a relative term :-)

nobody was around to see them 206,000 years ago...but we have observable scientific data that records considerable growth in relatively short periods of time

futher, of those that have been observed and measured...they do not all grow at the same rate

the conditions in some situations lend themselves to much more rapid growth...

(say, how about that ol' uniformitarianism stuff anyhow :-)

ALL of the observed growth rates in the above cases are in considerable CONFLICT with geological age assumptions :-)

sorry to bust your bubble, and mikey's too, but this ain't incontrovertible or any other kind of proof of hundreds of thousands of years or multiple ice ages or anything else

but you guys welcome to keep on tryin' :-)

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