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Andy™ on Apr 20, 2002 at 22:58

Re: well... (anyman)

the world was DIFFERENT then

Great, I'll accept that. How?
How, exactly, did life exist without anything dying? You can't force me to see anything, but you can present your side. I won't bite.

the book is a package deal...if you can't trust one part, then you can't trust any part

A package deal assembled by a panel of Catholics from the writings of many different people over many years, and then edited by another panel (this time Protestants). What was the criteria for what made it into the bible and what didn't?

how would you know which parts are okay...which parts are right and which wrong

Heck if I know. I just go with what Christ said, I figure that's a safe bet.

you still didn't respond to the point about how you would deal with the arguments i made from the new covenant books

No, I've not... because I've not finished reviewing on it. :) Gimmie a few more days, please. I'm trying to work some overtime and get school stuff done too.

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