Re: the book AND darwin?

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DA Morgan on Apr 19, 2002 at 13:31

Re: the book AND darwin? (anyman)

I didn't return to the book and pull the reference because of a number of reasons. The main ones being:

I never said the book said the universe was 6000 years old. I was saying that you claimed it was 6000 years old. The other rough source of that number is the date of the Jewish calendar. Whether the book claims it or doesn't is irrelevant to why I didn't answer as you will see in the next paragraph.

I never (well not for quite some time) correct Dale when he misquotes or misunderstands what I write as it is pointless. Well actually I never even read his posts any more when they follow mine, include my name in the title, or resort to childish insults. I see them ... I just click the 'Back' button. I only read his posts and respond when I am not in the title and when I can actually read from the first character to the final period without having him try to make the discussion personal.

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