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Posted by anyman on Apr 19, 2002 at 00:56

Re: well... (Andy)

you are using the classic uniformitarian assumption

you assume that the present is the key to the past

the world was DIFFERENT then

but i'll leave you to it...i'm not gonna try and force you to see it

as to the parts you find "dubious"...this is another problem...major problem

again, the book is a package deal...if you can't trust one part, then you can't trust any part

unless you know something i don't (and that is certainly possible...if so please enlighten me) would you know which parts are okay...which parts are right and which wrong

you still didn't respond to the point about how you would deal with the arguments i made from the new covenant books

but then, you are not required to respond to anything...and just because one doesn't respond doesn't mean he doesn't have an answer...

i would just like to know what yours is :-)

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