Re: the book AND darwin?

Posted by anyman on Apr 18, 2002 at 23:22

Re: the book AND darwin? (DA Morgan)


let's see if we can work through this...using reason rather than rant

you made a statement some time back on this board (we'll wait for dale to return for the ready reference to that statement)

you said that the book claimed that the earth was created ~6000 years ago (or something to that effect)

your claim was that the satement was made in the book...this means we must go to the book and ONLY to the book to find out whether or not your statement is true

dale challenged you to provide chapter and verse where the statement was "explicitly" made

you were right, even though you don't believe the book...the book does make it clear that according to the book the earth was created ~6000 years ago

dale's challenge to you requires that one return to the book and ONLY the book to verify your claim

you don't know the book well enough to support your that's where i came in

i went to the book and showed via reason, logic, and science that the book does necessarily imply and that we should then necessarily infer from several lines of argument that the book claims that the earth was created ~6000 years ago

that is the claim that the book is diametrically opposed to the millions and billions of years

both scenarios cannot be of them must be wrong

the issue here is not whether or not the book is right or wrong...whether the book is right or wrong has zero bearing on the statement you made about what the book claims...period

you made a statement about what the book says...not what some other book says...dale challenged your statement and asked for verification from within the book that the book actually makes such a claim

to verify your statement and to respond to dale's must go to the book and only the book for the answer

now stop being such a knothead and see if you can reengage some of those logical synapses and see if you can restart some of those critical thinking skills that you are supposed to be so long on...ya pinhead :-)

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