Re: You not got a Spam Avalanche?? You Lucky

Posted by Mike Kremer on Apr 18, 2002 at 21:31

Re: You got a 'funny' Email? Now see where it really comes from (DA Morgan)

You are lucky Daniel.
I have had one of my Email adresses for a very long time, about five years. Its long been relegated to the lowest of my six others.
In fact I only access it once every 8 or nine days
and I get 600-700+ trash spams every time I do.
I never get a genuine Email amongst them since Ive long given people my other email addresses.
So I could auto delete the lot...But I never do
(not immediately that is).
Or if I leave them on my ISP's server for two months they Auto delete them for me. But I dont do that. Not sure why, I even keep the damm email
address. I used to sneak look at some of them out of curiosity, but I hav'nt done that for a year now. Prehaps I keep my old unused email, for old times sake in the hope It wont appear on my other addresses.? Which of course it cant since
work and family are two different unknown and unpublished sides of the coin.
Figuring if I get 21,000 spams a year each taking 10 secs to download and delete, that works out at about 60 hours of my time wasted. pricing myself at about 10 pounds an hour (non working time)
Thats about 600 pounds or $900 dollars approx a year wasted. Now work that out for 500-600 million world wide users a year!!!!!(It's gonna get worse I fear)
And I hear that Spam is more rampant in the USA than in Europe!!
Its funny, here in Europe spam is still legal
Something about Freedom of Speech laws, which seems to frighten the would be legislators for fear of upsaeting the public and therebye losing their cozy Parliamentary seats.
The shame is that this awful waste of time and money is not caused by individuals directly spamming you, but it is all done by Auto RObots that troll the Net picking up email addresses. (as any one can tell by looking at their Spam, the
simularitys between your email and others that you recieve is quite marked.)
I have never published my 'other' email addresses
on the they never ever get Spam.
And I have since learnt my lesson never ever reply to a spam.
I have had friends round here who have almost choked in amazement when i say "Ill just check my mail" and they see 200 to 300 emails downloading.
It teaches them a hard learnt lesson.
Prehaps one day i will ask my ISP to delete the offending address.....until then, the Robot trollers will continue to troll, wasting time and money by clogging up the net for us real people.

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