Re: huh!? - inverse squared

Posted by bobbapink on Apr 18, 2002 at 20:08

Re: huh!? - inverse squared (Dogrock)

Does the moon fall 1/20 of an inch per second. Does that add up to objects falling at 16 feet per second at the earth's surface. What's the problem?

Is the moon accelerating toward earth at 1/20th of an inch per second? Is that what you are asking? (Hey - pick a unit (like fps and stick with it, k? makes it easier to communicate)

lessee. Acceleration due [strickly] to the earth at the moon's surface (32/60^2) works out to .0088 fps^2 so, converting to inches, comes to 3.3 ips^2 or 1.68 inches in the first second (slightly more if we include the moon's influence). That's a bit more than the 1/20 inch or .05 inch you claim so i'm just wondering how you came up with it. I'm not saying you're wrong - i'm just saying i don't think you are correct.

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