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Mike Kremer on Jan 10, 2002 at 21:44 (

Re: The Future of Cars, Assured-Running on Hydrogen (Natalie L. Smith)

I think the safety aspect of storing Hydrogen would be a paramount requirement.
Hydrogen would not need to be stored at a high
pressure. ie....the sort of pressure an air motor (factory air drill) would run at. (about 40lbs per sq inch).
The requirement would be only for the Hydrogen to
permeate thru a membrane, prehaps at 20-30 lbs per sq inch in order to ACTIVATE the fuel Cell.
In any case since it is explosive, it would be a requirement for the Hydrogen to be compressed in
a chalk or zeolite material. Better still are ideas for storing it within carbon Buckyballs, or
similar. Some aircraft have fuel tanks that are
filled with a metallic honeycomb....which stop a fire from igniting the whole wing tank, in case of accidents.
Its possible that Daniel Morgan would be able to fill in the details better than I.

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